Buy 2017 - Hardcore Mini Bikes




Where can I see this thing?

Video content is coming soon. But if you are near:
Austin TX
Atlanta GA
Panama City Beach FL
and more coming...

How does it charge?

Given a standard outlet the scooter charges from dead to a wild and crazy beast in 8 hours. The charger is included.

What is the warranty?

Its a limited one year warranty. See for complete details.

Where is the motor

Its in the hub! Meaning - right in the rear wheel. Almost silent and super fun.

Is that thing "Street Legal"?

Each municipality is different. But in most places its treated the same way as an electric bike. Take the road if its under 35 and there are no bike lanes. If there are no bike lanes - then take the side walk.

What does it come with?

Everything you need to ride. Except helmet. The bike, battery, charger, keys, key fob and a couple adjustment tools.