Hardcore Mini Bikes - Check it out

No Parking?  No problem.  

Absolute coolest way to get to work.
Great way to get around campsites.

Fully electric transportation for two

Comfortably rides two!

Go anywhere beach cruiser!
  • 48V 20AH Lithium Ion Powerplant - Thats like 20 high-end portable drills..
  • Powerful fully sealed in hub brushless motor
  • 5 second swappable battery.  That can charge in the bike or alone. 
  • 20 Mile per hour  - Computer limited to 20 to be considered an electric bike
  • ~20 Mile Effective Range
  • 8 Hour Complete Charge with Overcharge Protection
  • Battery Percentage Indicator
  • Hydraulic Front and Rear Disc Brakes- dual pot 180mm disc brakes
  • Directionals with Taillight- What the midwest and west call "blinkers"
  • Horn - The frequency is designed to pierce your soul 
  • Headlight - Its 7" round now and big tip of the hat to bikes of old.  
  • Two seater for friends  - single seater for strangers
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Key Fob with Remote Start
  • Alarm System - When armed the bike will scream like you're not my mommy and then LOCK the rear wheel.
  • As always you can have any color you want as long as its Hardcore BLACK. But we highly encourage customization.  Put crazy decals on them.  Bust out some Thundercats stickers!  Make it yours.