2017 - Hardcore Mini Bikes

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Alright alright.  Here is what we have all been waiting for.   Our 2017 Hardcore Mini Bikes are HERE!   Our customers spoke and we listened!  We didn't think the 2016 model could be improved - but we did it and then we did it again.  

What's different?

Drum roll please...

  • Removable 20AH Batteries - with a 10 second swap
  • The battery locks in the scooter with a key.
  • Because the battery is removable, you can charge it in your house or dorm.

Ok Since I am writing this and the other guys in the shop can't stop me.  I'd like to take a moment and tell you about my favorite improvement.

  • The kickstand is now "FLIP FLOP FUNCTIONAL".  Yeah - thats a thing.  I mean now that I wrote it, its definitely a thing.  
  • It now has a LARGE kick surface so it can be done easily with flip flops. (FFF)
  • Its also double sided and works MUCH better on slanted surfaces and sand.

Ok the nerds with the computers and the engineering degress want me to point out that the new 2017 model has FULL front and rear articulating suspension with some impressive "throw distance".  All I know is that its smooth as buttah now and carves even better than before.

What are the new stats?

  • 48V 20AH Lithium Ion Powerplant - Yep thats what she said.
  • 10 MPH in Recommended mode
  • 19 MPH in "Holy Cow I love electric mode"
  • ~20 Mile Effective Range
  • 8 Hour Complete Charge with Overcharge Protection
  • [ IMPROVED ] Battery Voltage Indicator
  • Hydraulic Front and Rear Disc Brakes - no change we love these things
  • [ NEW ] Directionals with Taillight- What the midwest and west call "blinkers"
  • [ IMPROVED ] Horn - The frequency is designed to pierce your soul 
  • [ IMPROVED ] Headlight - Its 7" round now and big tip of the hat to bikes of old.  
  • Two seater for friends  - single seater for strangers
  • [ NEW ] Front and Rear Suspension
  • [ NEW ] Key Fob with Remote Start
  • [ NEW ] Alarm System - When armed the bike will scream like you're not my mommy and then LOCK the rear wheel.
  • [ NEW ]  - Replaceable fenders
  • Hardcore BLACK is our normal color.  But if you are feeling special we have a limited supply of other colors we are testing out.  


How much does it cost?

Easy answer is $2000.  Thats pretty good considering a decent electric skateboard is $1200 and an electric bike is $1500 and they both only carry one person and we pack double the amp hours into our scooters (20AH).  We recommend local pickup (we assemble, prep and test ride for free).  We can ship in the USA.  Contact us for a quote.  


How do I get one?

If you are in one of our pickup areas.  Its easy!  If not - contact us and we will you a shipping quote.  Its generally ~$200.

 Pick up and test drive locations:

  • Atlanta GA
  • Austin TX
  • Panama City Beach FL

    Note:  Grab some mirrors and a masket (manly basket) if you are feeling pro.  If you decide to go cross country - we'd have to recommend another 20AH battery.